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Pneumatic hose


For injection molding and (custom) mechanical engineering

We stock pneumatic hoses for various applications:

TX is the classic compressed air hose for connecting pneumatic tools and tubing in the workshop.

PUN is the standard hose in (special) mechanical engineering. In the injection molding sector, it is often used in gripper technology.

Spiral hoses (PHC, PHS and PHF) have the advantage that they can be used compactly and flexibly in length for tensile loads.

Standard hoses

PUN and TX

The TX is a transparent PVC fabric hose that can be used for temperature control in addition to its classic field of application, pneumatics. Webshop: PVC-Schläuche.

The PUN hose is made of polyurethane and is rather rigid compared to spiral hoses so that it can be easily attached. It is used in injection molding for robots, handling and vacuum grippers. Depending on the size of the hose, up to 21 bar is possible. It is also suitable for drag chains and is often used on the energy chain of an injection molding machine.

TX hose

Spiral hoses


The PHC, PHS and PHF spiral hoses are made of ester-based polyurethane and the maximum operating pressure is 10 bar. For most applications, 10 bar is sufficient. It is often used in the workshop at the workplace to connect a tool, such as an air gun or impact wrench, to the compressed air connection.

PHC is meter ware and PHS is the hose with BSPT 1/4", 3/8" or 1/2" threads. PHF are spiral hoses with coupling and nipple. PHS and PHF are available in lengths of 2, 4 and 6 meters.

Pneumatic hose with European standard


Selected accessories below. You can request further components from us.
Pneumatic couplings
TST series 023 to 045, including the European standard
Swivel and quick-action couplings
SC and SV couplings can be ordered in the store, also geometrically coded
Hose cutter
Handy hose cutter with replaceable blade


High-quality pneumatic hoses
We will be happy to advise you on optimizing your pneumatic applications:
Pneumatic hose