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Tempering hoses


For injection molding

The following tempering hoses are available for temperature control of molds, tempering units and injection molding machines:

HeatIsoFlex hoses: HIF hose with plastic braiding and integrated insulation (up to 180°C)

Elastomer hoses: EDPM hose (up to 130°C), NBR hose (up to 90°C), Goldschlange hose and PVC hose (up to 60°C)

Stainless steel hoses: Very flexible WF hose and very robust TN1 smooth hose (both up to 200°C)

Webshop: sold by meters, hose configurator, pre-assembled stainless steel and HeatIsoFlex hoses.


HIF with integrated insulation

The HeatIsoFlex hose (HIF hose) is similar to the WellFlex hose in that it contains a corrugated inner tube made of PFA, which also makes it very flexible. There is triple thermal insulation between the PFA inner tube and the plastic braiding on the outside. This means that the hose does not require separate insulation, as this is already integrated. The plastic braiding reduces the weight by 25% compared to a stainless steel hose. The HIF hose can be used up to 180°C and the thermal conductivity is 0.038 W/m*K.

For safety reasons, the HIF may only be sold pressed with fittings. Webshop: Pre-assembled HIF hoses, hose configurator.

HeatIsoFlex hose


EPDM, NBR, gold snake and PVC

The EPDM hose is a pure water hose with a maximum temperature of 130°C. It is kink-resistant and suitable for standard hose nozzles and push-lock hose nozzles. The maximum operating pressure is 28 bar. It is available as WHMDLOK with a smooth, dirt-repellent surface in various colors in our webshop: EPDM hoses.

NBR hoses (up to 90°C) and gold snake hoses (up to 100°C) are suitable for tempering oil as well as water. The PVC hose serves as a cost-effective alternative for cold water applications. Webshop: NBR hoses, gold snake hoses, PVC hoses.


WellFlex and TN1

Our stainless steel hoses can be used up to 200°C and are therefore suitable for high-temperature applications. The WellFlex hose (WF hose) has a corrugated inner tube made of PFA and a flexible stainless steel braid on the outside. This makes it exceptionally flexible. The TN1 hose consists of a continuous PFTE inner tube and a rather rigid stainless steel braid, which is less flexible but mechanically more robust.

Webshop: Stainless steel hoses by the meter, pre-assembled WF hoses, hose configurator. Press dimension tables: WF, TN1.

Stainless steel hoses


Touch protection and heat insulation

The IF insulating hose consists of a combination of braided glass silk and a silicone foam coating. Due to its temperature resistance of -40°C to +250°C and its low thermal conductivity of 0.15 W/m*K, it is particularly suitable for insulating stainless steel hoses. It also serves as contact protection to prevent burns.

In our webshop, it is available by the meter or already firmly pressed with the stainless steel hose. You can configure this here: hose configurator.

insulating hose


For tempering hoses

The abrasion protection made of high-quality polyester fabric (abrasion resistance according to ISO 6945 & burst protection according to ISO 3457) prevents abrasion and serves as edge and burst protection. This prevents expensive downtime due to leaks. It can be easily fitted and retrofitted. The temperature resistance is -40°C to +100°C. Webshop: Abrasion protection hose.

Abrasion protection hose


Tools for hose assembly

With the Hose assembly device HTA, mono and multi-couplings with push-lock connection can be easily connected to EPDM or NBR hoses. Operation is simple, as you can see in the video.

The hose cutter is suitable for cutting elastomer hoses easily and safely. These are handy pliers with a replaceable blade.

Hose assembly device, hose cutter and replacement blades are available in our webshop: Hose assembly.


Selected accessories below. You can request further components from us.
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Assemble your desired clutch from individual components
Mono couplings with European, French and international profile
Tempering distributors
Tempering distributors made of brass, aluminum and stainless steel
Screw fittings
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Hose clamps
Hose clamps suitable for elastomer hoses
Color ring sets
Color ring sets for tempering hoses with numbering