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Tool trolley


Tool trolley for mold maintenance

The NoWWORKBENCH is a tool trolley for mold maintenance with eight drawers and a total load capacity of 260 kg.

The tool trolley has a central locking system for all drawers. These can also be locked individually and have ball-bearing guides and safety handles.

Furthermore, it is equipped with parking brakes, cleaning paper holding bar, wastebasket compartment, can holder and document holder.

The NoWWORKBENCH is offered with empty drawers, with loaded inserts or also with unloaded inserts. You can put together your own desired configuration.


Equip the drawers according to your needs
There are 13 equipped inserts with the following items to choose from:
Leakage tester
Flow measurement device
3x pliers
Depth and pocket calipers
Assembly lever, soft-face hammer and wire brushes
Cutter knife, LED inspection lamp, wooden link rule and side cutter
9-piece hexagon socket screwdriver (1.5-10mm)
1/2" reversible ratchet with screwdriver sockets, extensions and universal joint
1/2" reversible ratchet with sockets, extensions and universal joint
3x slotted screwdriver
5x Phillips screwdriver
17x combination wrench (6-24mm)
Bosch cordless impact drill, Bosch cordless drill and bit set
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Tool trolley Inset wrench Tool trolley Inset flow measurement


Technical data of the NoWWORKBENCH
Dimensions and load capacity:
Dimensions (L × W × H): 800 x 478 x 1010 mm
7 drawers: 570 x 410 x 74.5 mm, load capacity: 25 kg
1 drawer: 570 x 410 x 153.5 mm, max. load: 30 kg
Drawer extension: 380 mm
Stainless steel worktop, load capacity: 50 kg
Total payload of the tool trolley: 260 kg
Special features:
Drawers individually configurable with fitted and unfitted inserts
Cleaning paper holding bar, wastebasket compartment, can holder and document holder
High quality steel sheet construction with 1.0 mm sheet thickness
Glossy black, powder coated
Ideal for mold maintenance
Heavy handle for safe pushing of the workshop trolley
Ball bearing drawer runners with safety handles
Parking brakes
High stability

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