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Flow indicator with tempering distributor


For cost-effective flow control

In plastic injection molding, temperature control has a decisive influence on cycle times and component quality. As it is not usually possible to look into the water pipes from the outside during the injection molding process, measuring instruments are required for flow control.

The optical flow indicator makes changes in the flow at the respective temperature control channel visible at an early stage. In this case, the integrated red turbine wheel immediately changes its speed. This allows leaks or blockages to be detected at an early stage and countermeasures to be taken. High costs due to rejects are thus avoided.

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Two nominal widths with three threads each to choose from

The optical flow indicator is ideally installed on the molded hose between the tempering distributor and the tempering hose or in the supply lines. In combination with our tempering distributors the SAGK flow indicator is a simple and inexpensive alternative to the classic water battery.

The SAGK series is designed for a maximum water temperature of 100°C and an operating pressure of up to 20 bar and is available in nominal size 14 with the connection threads 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" as well as nominal size 30 with 1/2", 3/4", 1" in our webshop.

Optical flow indicator series SAGK


For optimum component quality
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