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Tool opener NoWOPEN-TS

For safe opening, testing and mounting of tools


Maintenance station for opening and closing molds weighing up to 10 tons.

The electric tool opener enables precisely guided and controlled opening and closing of tools at the touch of a button.

Effortless opening and closing of the molds
Reduction in assembly and maintenance times
Less downtime due to maintenance work


The NoOPEN TS service station is available in two variants.
NoWOPEN-TS 900x1500 (Item no. WA0260):
Total support surface: 900x1500mm, dimensions of individual support plate: 900x900mm, support height: 270mm, load capacity: up to 5t, own weight: 2t
NoWOPEN-TS 1300x1900 (Item no. WA0190):
Total support surface: 1300x1900mm, dimensions of individual support plate: 1300x1300mm, support height: 380mm, load capacity: up to 10t, own weight: 3.6t
NoWOPEN-TS with tool
If required, the maintenance station can be expanded to include an electronic flow and temperature measuring device.
The PropNew cleaning device can be used to repair injection molds with reduced flow rates.


Benefit from the advantages of the NoWOPEN maintenance station

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